A picture worth a thousand words



A picture worth a thousand words
Shelby Bell, Texas Media Relations
The University of Texas Longhorns

When Mack Brown arrived at The University of Texas, he was determined to get the Longhorn community's emotions stirring. Coach Brown met with former players and spoke to fans in an attempt to bolster the support and passion, and regenerate the great tradition of Texas football.

Fortunately, Coach Brown's hopeful voice inspired the mind of one of The University's most talented Exes. Ragan Gennusa, a former UT football player under Coach Darrell Royal, saw the vision of Brown's dream, and with it, saw an opportunity to expose that dream to the rest of the Longhorn population. He crafted a series of three paintings, each a unique symbol of the journey throughout the coaching reign of Mack Brown.

"Ragan is the ultimate Texan," Brown said. "He was a great high school player in our state, and then an outstanding player for Coach Royal in the secondary. When we first got here, everybody started talking about this renowned Western painter. I asked Ragan to come over, and he said that we needed to stir up some excitement around our football program."

Longhorn Storm

Gennusa created the first painting, entitled "Longhorn Storm," to symbolize the beginning of the Mack Brown era at Texas. In it, the charging longhorns begin to stir the dust beneath their hooves as a storm develops in the distance, portraying the excitement the program would build during this new time. The second painting, entitled "The Climb to the Top," depicts the longhorns working their way up a mountainside, just as the Texas football team was working its way up in the national rankings.

The Climb to the Top

After the Rose Bowl, it was finally time for Gennusa to pick up his brush and capture the essence of victory - victory in a game, victory in a season, a victory to go down in history and begin a new era of Longhorn football. The ultimate goal had been achieved and the vision of a special coach became reality.

"It is a dream for all of us at The University of Texas to be able to not only play for the National Championship, but also to win it," Brown said. "The fact that Ragan thought it was possible was a great motivator for us."

The final painting was in fact called, "Dawn of a New Longhorn Era," and was one of grace and achievement. The Longhorn proudly surveys the plain below as the school returns to its position as National Champion.

Dawn of a New Longhorn Era

"I really believed that UT would win the National Championship because Coach Brown works incredibly hard," Gennusa recalled. "He surrounds himself with great people, he does what he says he'll do, and he is a sincere person with the remarkable ability to make real friendships with anyone."

The premiere level of talent that streams through the football program at The University of Texas is a testament to Brown and his staff, and the relationships among Texas fans, players, coaches and Exes are a treasure to the Longhorn community.

"It has been a real pleasure and so rewarding to be able to do a little something for The University and also to work with Coach Brown and Coach Royal and everyone that was involved," beamed Gennusa.

by Ragan Gennusa

A "Longhorn Storm" rose up in the sky,
As they started their drive, their goals set high.

Through adversity and criticism, they just wouldn't stop,
As they continued their journey, their "Climb to the Top."

Over the last steep part of their journey they came,
Focused on their goals, they took dead aim.

Upward towards the summit, they kept on the move,
After all, they all had something to prove.

And they reached their goals, in a perfect year,
At the top stood the champion longhorn steer.

As their tradition becomes history, the view is much clearer,
This is the "Dawn of a New Longhorn Era."



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